Don't waste any more time trying to surf the web for camera buying tips!
Choosing the best camera for your next video project isn't hard if you have the right knowledge!
It is hard to select a video camera - with thousands to choose from, how does someone possible decide? We'll help you make the right choices!
  • First, think about what your project needs to look like and know why that is even important!
  • Learn how to make the right choices and why you should think about different options like budgets, rentals, sensors, camera size, 4k, etc.
  • Private group to ask me questions! PLUS free bonuses
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"This course is an absolutely 'must see'"
Wendy Predestin
"I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone considering a camera purchase for their next project."
Nicholas Chase
"Fantastic! I really never 100% understood about sensor sizes and the difference it makes to your shots - but I do now! Brilliant!"
Mark Ramet
“It was fantastic! Incredibly thorough!”
Richard Botto
"highly informative, interesting, and humorous approach"
William Holoday
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